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"Our mission is to provide inter-cultural understanding and experiences for young people as we believe this to be a path to a better world."

Overseas Cultural Exchange Consultants Pty Ltd is based in Adelaide, South Australia and operates Australia wide. O.C.E.C. was formed in 2001 to provide international educational and cultural exchange programs for young people to promote friendship and understanding among people from different cultures and backgrounds.

The founder, Managing Director, Lynne Gainer, has many years experience in training students in various industries and organizations. She has worked exclusively in the cultural exchange field for the past twenty two years and has, during this time, worked with a number of international agencies arranging many and varied exchange programs. Lynne still enjoys direct contact and interaction with young people and can occasionally be found coordinating study sessions and teaching English in the course of delivering these programs. She believes this to be a way of keeping attuned to the needs of the students and can thereby keep programs interesting and relevant.

Ten years ago Lynne was joined in the company by her husband, Rob, as a Director and Business Manager. Both Lynne and Rob have, during this time, and with their own extensive travel experiences, developed a strong cultural awareness and sensitivity.

This knowledge and passion for the industry has been passed onto the consultants of O.C.E.C