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Our Team

Area Coordinators

O.C.E.C. has Area Coordinators in Western Australia & Victoria to oversee programs in the western and eastern areas of Australia respectively.

Group Coordinators

All OCEC programs have an experienced Group Coordinator to provide assistance and support to visiting students and staff during the course of a program. O.C.E.C. often requires additional Group Coordinators. If you are interested in knowing more about the role of student Group Coordinator or perhaps already have these skills or experience please contact us.

EAL Teachers

All O.C.E.C. programs include an experienced E.A.L. teacher for the duration of the program. O.C.E.C. requires E.A.L. teachers in all mainland states of Australia. If you are a qualified E.A.L. teacher and are interested in seasonal work teaching foreign students, please contact us.


All current OCEC team members, contractors and volunteers have the appropriate clearances as required under their respective state legislation, to enable them to work with children. Any prospective team members must be able to obtain such clearances.